I’m Not Very Good At This Blogging Thing…

30 Nov

Wow… when was my last post? September? And it’s the last day of November!?!? D: oh dear lord I’m so horrible at this!! Though it’s not like anyone really read my blog anyway…

But still, I really need to make it a habit to post at least once a week. Probably what I’ll do is start blogging on Saturday, after this post.

Ok, so… what has been going on lately? Well, uh… honestly I don’t really know. Oh the doorknob of my second-period class (history) broke off so we were stuck in the room for like… idk 20 extra minutes? the janitor dude had to come help us out. It was kinda frightening, lol xD

Ok, so there’s this guy, his name’s Austin, and he’s soooo annoying! Like, ok, don’t take this the wrong way, this isn’t how he’s annoying, but he’s gay. And he ALWAYS talks about his “boyfriend” or… other… things…. I swear he has definitely spoiled my mind. >.< Anyway, the stuff he talks about just kinda… most of the time they just seem so far out there, I can’t believe anything he says. Honestly I don’t even think he’s got a boyfriend. I mean, he was talking about how they went to the movies, went to the beach, sat on a balcony, went to a hotel, all in just two days. Two days that they’ve been “going out”. xP It just doesn’t make sense, and it doesn’t seem true. And me and Alice (the three of us have study hall together) really have so much more fun when he’s not there (like today). It makes me feel kinda bad, but… it’s true.

Another thing, the guy I like (me and my friend Kelsey gave him a code name ((all the guys we talk about have code names; there’s scott, matt, davis, bryce, ethan, travis, ely [eli], lee, riley, jackson…)) well, his code name is jackson) sometimes he acts like he likes me, and other times he completely ignores me. And it’s kinda the same for me. Some days I’ll think he looks really cute and seems funny and sweet, but other days he just seems really annoying and not that cute and I make fun of him sometimes (not to his face, I’m not THAT mean xD) because he walks weird and he has a weird laugh, haha XD. So I’m just really kinda confused on whether I really like him or not.

Tomorrow is my last marching band rehearsal for the year! :C It makes me really sad… but I’ll still be with most of the marching band people. We’re gonna be playing at “Christmas by the Lake” which is a concert at the hospital, and then this summer we’re going to be in the Independence Day Parade!!! I’m SOOO excited about that!

Ok, I think that’s it… oh I’m sorta teaching myself Korean. I would write “I love you” but idk how to put korean symbols on here, so… I’ll just write it in English letters: saranghae/saranghaeyo!!! ❤



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