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Hello Internet Peoples!

21 Sep

Heyyyyyyy…. It’s Sam, as a few of you know. Ummmmm….. I’m not exactly sure what to talk about… uh…….. ok I’ll tell you ALLLLL about me!!!! Hope I’m not too boring 🙂

1) I’m 14 years old. My birthday’s in less than a month though (October 10! :D)

2) I’m a freshman in high school 🙂

3) I have two dogs and I have a very constant love/hate relationship with one of them (Teddy, a dorkie ((he’s a mix between a yorkie and a dachshund)). he’s so annoying but so cute!!)

4) I love writing. Honestly I can say a lot of stuff when I’m writing. Actually, I say MORE stuff in writing than in words, which is a good thing for a blogger person! 😀

5) I LOVE k-pop. Korean people are so cute/pretty!!! I wish I was Asian xD Anyways, my favorite girl group is Girls’ Generation and my favorite boy group is Super Junior ^^ you should look them up!!!! 😀

6) I act really cute all the time. I love cute things and I’ll always say things in a cute voice. ^^ that’s just me.

7) I’m an extremely random person. I’ll talk about so many things in one conversation. xD people often get confused, so if I get off track or something, I’m really sorry, haha

8) I love animals, especially dogs. And I have this certain connection with dogs. They love me! Not to be rude or anything, but they always come up to me and lick my hand or something ^^

9) I’m in the marching band and I play the flute

10) I’m a very big procrastinator. I will put something off as long as possible, which often gets me in trouble with school ^^’

11) I’ve never really had an actual boyfriend. And I really want one. And of course the first guy I’m pretty sure I loved just HAD to move away, and the guy I currently like just so happens to have a girlfriend! *sigh* and unfortunately for me, he really likes her. :C ugh…

12) I like Ramen noodles and taco soup, and I love sweet tea (I’m from the South, so it’s SWEET tea xD) and vanilla coke. I hate pepsi >.<

13) I still sleep with stuffed animals. And I’m not ashamed xD

14) I wear glasses, but I hate them. Hopefully I’ll get contacts soon

Did you see what I did there? 14 facts? Cuz… I’m… 14… yeah 🙂 I’m thirsty… I think I’m gonna get some vanilla coke now ^^